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Teaching our children about being kind to our environment will lay the foundations for sustainable behaviour throughout their lives. It is their future we are helping them to protect. Equally important is that Pollyannas does all it can to operate in an eco-friendly manner. It is better for the planet.

We educate the children to understand more about green issues in a range of ways. One of the most important sustainability actions we need to be taking involves reducing single-use plastic because of the harm they can cause the environment. We are planning to reduce our use of single use plastics by changing to glass milk bottles, replacing plastic equipment with more eco materials like wood, using green materials like bamboo and melamine, biodegradable glitter and natural soap instead of soap bars.

Here is a list of 25 children's books that encourage children to care about the environment.

We also use the following additional activities to teach the children about green issues.

In the coming months we will be introducing further sustainable activities. We will keep you informed on our blog and parent newsletters as these are introduced. We are considering a range of measures including replacing plastic toys with those made of wood or bamboo.

We will be encouraging bamboo toothbrushes and bamboo building blocks made from rapidly-renewable bamboo which is lightweight and durable. The newly bio-based toys are derived from leftover sugar cane instead of oil, making them environmentally-friendly. A lot of bio-plastic toys are made of 90% sugar cane which is sustainable raw materials and 100% recyclable. Please look out for these if considering Christmas presents or even toys made of wood and natural materials. We hope that Father Christmas and his elves are busy right now busy using their carpentry skills!