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Pollyanna Pre–school Fees and Grant

The fees for 2 and 3 year olds for non-funded 3 hour sessions are currently - £21.00.

Children are welcome to stay an extra hour for the lunch period 12.00 – 1.00pm - £7.00.

Nursery fees can be paid half termly in advance.

An invoice will be issued at the beginning of each term, for the weeks for that period, (usually 12 weeks).

This invoice is to be paid within 7 days by either cash or by BACS. (It may be possible to pay monthly in advance if special arrangements have been made with the manager). Please note late payments will be subject to an additional charge.

We offer the free 15 hours funding per week for 3 year olds and also the 2 year old funding for children who meet the required criteria. Please ask the manager for further details.

Childcare Vouchers

We are registered with many companies that provide childcare vouchers as an alternative way to pay part of your fees. Please ask at the nursery for more information.

Holidays and sickness days still have to be paid for, even if your child does not attend preschool.

NEG – Nursery Education Grant


Your child will be entitled to government funding from the term after your child is 3 years old. The funding is for up to 15 hours per week and for 38 weeks per year. An EYE parent form has to be completed at the beginning of each term to claim the hours reserved.

Because we are an approved provider for 2 year olds, if your family meet the required criteria your child may be entitled to similar funding. Please ask the manager for further details.

Any additional time over the 15 hours will be charged at the hourly rate. Although your child is entitled to 15 hours, these hours must be taken in a minimum of 3 hours. Please bear in mind that these sessions can only be reserved 6 weeks beforehand due to demand.

30 Funded Hours

In addition to the 15 universal hours which is available to all 3 year olds the government funds an additional 15 Universal hours (38 weeks) which are subject to certain criteria. Please see the manager for further information. The funded hours are subject to an additional minimal charge but we do offer a certain number of free places which are on a first come, first served basis.

Due to the Government changing the boundaries the grant can be subject to change but we will endeavour to keep you updated on any/all changes.

If you are considering applying for a place at Pollyannas please arrange to have a look round and ask any questions you would like. Once you decide you would like to register your child you will be asked for a registration fee (non grant children) and informed in writing if a place is available for the chosen dates/ times. As always, do not hesitate to visit and we will be delighted to show you our pre-school and answer any questions.