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Healthy eating and nutrition

"First we eat, then we do everything else," said MFK Fisher.
(Mary Frances Fisher, a pre-eminent American Food Writer).

Everything we want for children – chances to grow, learn, discover, inspire, laugh and love – relies on plenty of good fuel.

We believe that getting children to enjoy healthy food from an early age is the way to help them eat well for the rest of their lives.

Eating healthy food will give your child more energy to do the things they love for longer and helps with their concentration, vital for when they progress to school. We try to teach children from an early age how to take care of their own physical well being, with what they eat and by physical exercise, playing outside in the fresh air as much as possible.

As you may be aware, it is recommended that we all eat 5 portions of fruit and veg per day. This is the key to a healthy lifestyle which we do our best to promote. One way to get your child to eat certain vegetables that he may not be keen on is to let him help prepare the vegetables. This encourages an interest in the vegetable and where it came from. It is also a good idea to let them help choose suitable healthy food when doing the supermarket shop as this encourages an interest in the right sort of food.

Fresh water is available throughout the session for the children to help themselves whenever they are thirsty.

We encourage the children to have healthy food in their lunchbox and always encourage them to eat their savoury food before any yoghurt or desert food. Sweets are not encouraged.

Good Ideas for Lunch Boxes

Below we have mentioned a few good ideas /suggestions for your childs lunch box which we hope will be of help in preparing a healthy lunch.

Just as we would not serve the same food every day in a hot cooked lunch, try and vary the lunches each day in a packed lunch as this will be more appetising.

Example packed lunch menu

Monday – Tuna and sweetcorn pasta salad, apple slices and plain yoghurt, water to drink.

Tuesday – Chicken and potato with salad, ginger biscuits with satsumas, milk to drink.

Wednesday – Cheese salad wrap, banana and raisins, water to drink.

Thursday – Egg salad sandwich, seasonal fruit salad with fromage frais, milk to drink.

Friday – Salmon or mackerel mayonnaise sandwiches, carrot and cucumber sticks, low sugar flapjack slice.

Also, when cooking with the children, they are able to see how various food is prepared and make full use of the mathematical skills involved in, weighing, sorting, counting, measuring food and patiently waiting for the end results!! We can also introduce them to new foods from around the world.

Cooking brings plenty of opportunities for introducing new vocabulary, asking questions and mark making. The children have lots of fun whilst cooking and are often more inclined to eat something they have cooked themselves than otherwise.